ADHD is inhibited by sport participation

Children participating in organized sports are less likely to report ADHD symptoms even after controlling for overall physical activity.

ADHD is a disease with symptoms defined by its name, inattention and hyperactivity, with onset in childhood. Although symptoms present in childhood, the disease can often go undiagnosed into adulthood. ADHD can be particularly debilitating, leading to decreased classroom productivity and worse job performance. It's thought that TV and other electronics have contributed to the rise of ADHD. One recently published study out of Australia found that children ages 9-11 who participated in organized sports were less likely to have ADHAD symptoms. (Associations between organised sport participation and classroom behavior outcomes among primary school-aged children, 2019. Watson A, et al.). This association held up even after adjusting for overall physical activity.

The authors suggest that parents may have another reason to consider organized sports as a means of physical activity for their children. 

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