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Exercise Medicine contains a wealth of knowledge, covering exercise physiology with a focus on health and optimizing athletic performance. This site is useful for everyone: from the elite athlete looking for a science-based edge to his or her training to the stroke victim searching for a novel therapeutic treatment. The research presented here is objective and only from reputable sources.


Exercise is a fundamental part of human nature. Although humans have been exercising for thousands of years, many people today are excluding this cardinal activity from their daily routine. Numerous studies show that exercise plays a key role in our everyday well-being, aids in the prevention of a myriad of diseases and can be used as a form of alternative medicine after the onset of disease. In addition, other lifestyle choices (sleep, diet, etc.) are important factors in maintaining a health body.  

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Be sure to check out our research blog for an authoritative source on the latest medical research being done in the realm of exercise and other daily decisions that impact your health. In the medical studies page you’ll find one of the largest compilations of lifestyle-specific studies on the web. The success stories page features people’s experiences with making healthy lifestyle choices. All of this comes from the unique perspective of a highly successful athlete turned MD.

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Lastly, thanks for taking the time to learn about this important subject. Use the knowledge shared here to enhance the general well-being of friends, family and, of course, yourself!

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